Join me for Project Homeless Connect in Salt Lake City on October 6th

We all need to be aware of Salt Lake City’s Homeless. It’s a big deal. There’s been lots of news lately about Salt Lake City’s Homeless with Mayor Ben McAdams, undercover mission which gave him firsthand taste of the fear, drug abuse and chaos in SLC’s Rio Grande neighborhood. Things are pretty crazy down there… Also – lots of controversy on the shutting down of the Road Home and the building of 3 smaller shelters.

I don’t have the magic answer to fix homelessness. I do however believe that if we all contributed and did what we could, we could help.

I found this today and thought it would be a good start…

Project Homeless Connect Salt Lake City is a one-day event that provides individuals and families experiencing homeless access to vital services such as housing, medical and dental care, bike repair, haircuts, foot care, pet care, veterans services and much more. The goal is to provide as many services in one day and in one location to those in our community who are at-risk.

I can’t pretend that this will fix everything – but it’s a start and I’m going to be volunteering my time. Join me by reading more and signing up here

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